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Slowing down, like the far south in the tranquilizing Mediterranean.
Here, where the sun shines brightest and family is important
above all, we find the true philosophy of the ‘Mezzogiorno’:
Appreciating life, quality above quantity and
real connections matter most.

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Just like the Southern Italian, Mezzogiorno always puts quality first! Italian quality products are often unavailable or expensive. But by bundling the demand, we can be the direct link between you and the small-scale Italian farmer. It allows us to cut all middlemen (and the associated costs) out of the supply chain. No expensive importers, exporters, wholesalers, or shops, just you and Mezzogiorno, importing fantastic products from Italy together. We do this in five simple steps.

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How we do it

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Puglia is the region with the longest coastline on the Italian mainland, the beautiful Val d'Itria valley with its unique Trulli and magnificent coastal cities such as Otranto and Bari, but above all a place where traditional agriculture is still practiced. Thanks to the abundant sunshine, this region produces powerful wines and olive oils.

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In our opinion, Calabria is the region where the “Mezzogiorno feeling” is most present. Here, life is about quality, hospitality, family and tradition. Commercialism and mass production do not yet exist in Calabria, and everything is done according to an old family tradition. This is the place where you can still find unknown but fantastic wines and the olive oil is top tier.

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Much more than the island of the Etna volcano, Sicily is dotted with beautiful archaeological towns and popular beaches. The less visited inlands and the chaotic but atmospheric Palermo are also well worth a visit. For a long time, Sicily was a powerful kingdom that controlled the entire south of Italy. Yet the basis for the rich culinary history was laid long before that time, by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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Campania is the region where the advanced civilization of the ancient Romans remains so visible. It is the land of Pompeii and beautiful temples from classical antiquity. Ever since then, people have known the power of the extremely fertile soil and warm climate. Today, Campania is best known for its buffalo mozzarella and excellent wines. It is here that Jesus wept on Mount Vesuvius and His tears turned to wine.

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We are still on our way to this region!

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We are still on our way to this region!

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